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Phone: 540-604-7266

Skype ID: ladybassmusic

Online registration for Skype & private lessons:

My current schedule of teaching locations and times has changed due to COVID-19:

All lessons are now conducted online, in person at Lady Bass Music, or as a hybrid of in person/online. If you enroll for in-person, it is strongly advised you still set up virtual as an option that you can use when starting lessons. This will be used for Covid exposures/illness or if I have travel (ie touring) commitments that permit working while away from home. The Rock For Strings program has been suspended until further notice due to COVID-19. If you are interested in private lessons in electric bass, double bass, guitar, or beginner cello, please contact me directly at for more information. I have a few limited spots for private instruction.


Virtual lessons meet primarily via Skype, Zoom or Doozzoo. (We try to remain flexible and set up on multiple we can quickly pivot between platforms as as needed). Doozzoo a service that is specifically designed for music teachers to teach in virtual spaces. Doozzoo is optimized for instruments and voice, unlike Skype or Zoom.  It also has tools like local latency compensation, an audio player that allows users to adjust tempo and key, and to loop difficult sections.  That's just the can find out more about Doozzoo by clicking on the logo below.

University of Mary Washington Students - in person - virtual if there is a Covid exposure. Please refer to COVID-19 guidance provided by UMW, when provided, for the 2023-2024 semester.

This is a Pre-Covid private lesson schedule by location - This teaching schedule is SUSPENDED until further notice. ALL LESSONS ARE ONLINE ONLY.

Lady Bass Music - Fredericksburg, VA - Monday afternoon/evening, Tuesday - contact me directly at to book lessons

The Sound Post - Fredericksburg, VA - Wednesday afternoon and evening - contact me directly or call 540-645-7498

Pickers Supply - Fredericksburg, VA - Thursday afternoon and evening - contact Jeffery Levine at 540-371-4669

University of Mary Washington Music Department - private contrabass lessons - by appointment scheduled through the University.

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