The Basses

(Any basses with external links to additional information will be highlighted in blue)

Spector Euro6LX

Spector Legend NT – Click here for video demo.

Willcox Guitars Lightwave Saber Bass VL5 fretless

featuring the Gizmotron 2.0 string sustainer. Click here for video demo.

NS Design CR5 Radius Bass

The Limited Edition NS Design CR6 Radius Bass

Click here for video demo.

4 string DIY Fretless Build with Nordstrand Power Blades

Ibanez SR2010ASC Ashula Bass – Fretted/Fretless Hybrid 6-String Electric Bass
with custom paint by Maiven McKnight and custom pickups by Watson Guitars

Ibanez SR656NTF with Nordstrand CND P/J pickups

Custom Prat 7 string bass

Modded Dean Rhapsody 12 (click here for my video about the mods)

Syme 5 string fretless bass with Lightwave pickups