Short Bio

Brittany Frompovich is a highly regarded teacher, clinician, multi-instrumentalist, and musician who currently resides in the Northern Virginia region. Jazz luminary Gerald Veasley introduced her to bassist Jimmy Haslip as “a beautiful player on both electric bass and double bass.” Her clients describe her as a consummate professional. Her bandmates describe her playing as “highly creative”, “solid”, and “beautiful”. Her solo performances are unique, poignant, earthy, organic, and highly creative.

As a working bassist, she regularly does shows on double bass, electric bass, and guitar, covering a wide range of genres. She is often called for pit work for choral and musical theater productions. She has shared the stage with Bakithi Kumalo, Ron Holloway, Linwood Taylor, Sol Roots, Robert Harsen, Jason Everett, Ashleigh Chevalier, Michael Dimin, Jon Wiley, Stewart McKinsey, Darren Michaels, Aaron Gibson, Edo Castro, Scott Varney, Scott Fernandes, Bill Clements, Trip Wamsley, Kent Beatty, and Toby Fairchild. As a solo bassist and solo artist she has opened for UK solo bassist Steve Lawson. As a bassist in a band setting, she has opened for the Grammy-nominated Danielle Nicole Band. She has even been granted opportunities to open for the legendary rock band, Heart, and the instrumental prog band, Soften the Glare.

She has performed and given clinics at Musicians Institute, NAMM, Gerald Veasley’s Bass BootCamp, BassBreak Live, Adam Nitti’s Music Dojo, The Bass Coalition’s Summer Workshop, LoHio, the Washington Music Bass Day Summit, DeepGroove Bass Day, The Virginia Bass Forum, and numerous private events. She has been featured as a clinician at bass community events alongside artists like Bryan Beller, Adam Nitti, David Dyson, Steve Jenkins, Anthony Wellington, Norm Stockton, Donovan Stokes, and Rufus Reid. Her clinics inspire professional and novice musicians alike.

Ms. Frompovich is an exceptional and gifted private teacher; her students wholeheartedly recommending her to potential students without reservation. As a multi-instrumentalist, she teaches lessons on cello, double bass, electric bass, and guitar. In 2019, she joined the staff at the University of Mary Washington as the Music Department’s Adjunct Contrabass Instructor. In 2020, she served as an editor/consultant for the book “Thrive And Survive in The Music Business” by Liza Carbe and Jean-Pierre Durand, co-founders of the world guitar music group Incendio. In 2021, she was nominated for a Music Educator Wammie and a Wammie as part of the Ashleigh Chevalier Band.  (The Wammies are the Washington area’s version of the Grammie awards.) She also joined the staff of contributors at No with her monthly cover feature “Wonder Women; Stories From the Women Who Play Bass.”

She successfully teaches both recreational music makers and serious students who have started their own careers in music:

“Brittany is a consummate musician and educator. Her commitment to the art and her students is unparalleled! The dedication she shows to her students as well as the bass community has set an example for many others to follow.”– Michael Dimin, bassist, educator and author of The Art of Solo Bass and The Chordal Approach

“No Bull, she’s the real deal. No side job here; as teacher and musician, music is her life! Lady Bass is a true and much-needed representative of & for the arts & music professions. Those who know her & benefit from her teaching and friendship are lucky indeed.” – Roger Munch, former student and solo artist

Ms. Frompovich is passionate about music, music community, and the bass; she is always advancing her creative journey as a musician and as an educator. Brittany proudly uses and endorses Spector Basses, NS Designs, Willcox Basses, Warwick amps, Lathon Bass Wear, GHS strings, Nitewalker Bass Guitar Tube Preamps, Nordstrand Pickups, the Gizmotron 2.0 string sustainer, and Guardian Pro cables.