The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Red Tornado’s Musical World of Projects

I decided to write this blog after two different conversations with friends this week. Folks *apparently* know I’m busy from seeing my weekly social media calendar updates, but sometimes keeping all the various projects straight can be hard. As nice as it would be for folks to come to every show…I realize most folks have to pick and choose. SO…without further ado, here’s a guide to the various projects I’m involved with.

Solo performer…

Styles – it’s a wide range. Instrumental rock originals, rock covers, jazz and R&B are in the mix. This project is more about how far I can take the communion between my musical abilities, a bass guitar, maybe a looping pedal…and see how far I can take all of that as a solo performer.

And sometimes we invite some friends along for duos…

with Ben Titus –

with Stewart McKinsey –

The Ginger Bass Mafia This band was formed at the beginning of 2019 literally because we were given the opportunity to open for Soften the Glare. Even stranger – it’s two bassists and a drummer. So…how does that work? Uh, surprisingly well. So far we’re just seeing where this takes us. One gig multiplied into three more very quickly.

Styles – Creative, dark, and intense instrumental rock, original rock, pulling from influences such as prog, fusion, and metal. Did I mention dark?

Playing Bass for the Ashleigh Chevalier Band

(I’m offstage in this clip…so you won’t see me, but make sure you’ve got headphones in and you definitely will hear me!)

Styles: Rock, classic rock, blues, some country, jam band, singer songwriter

Ms. Ashleigh has several bassists on call. That being said, I’m always happy to step up when I get the opportunity to do this gig. I love rocking out and letting my darker side out in the Ginger Bass Mafia. And the solo gigs are a great way to pushing my abilities in that context. But sometimes you just want to be in a position to support killer guitar players in a band context. Plus, Ashleigh’s got some originals that are worth checking out. Click here to see her Soundcloud page.

The Brittany Frompovich trio

Styles – rock, classic rock, blues, instrumental rock, fusion, jazz

I actually love this freaking project….I just need time to rehearse the group more and then find them some gigs. Hard to do when I’m teaching private students at four different studios as a full time job, running a student rock orchestra that meets once a week, gigging as a hired gun, and playing gigs as much as I am. But this is a project that needs some time and attention returned to it. Here’s hoping I can find some extra hours in my day/week/months ahead to regroup and get out there again.

The Double Koru Rock Ensemble

Styles – orchestral covers of classic and modern rock songs

Another project I love. This organically came to be out of working with so many young talented string players in my Rock For Strings class…some of them were ready to take things to the next level and start gigging. Currently this group is on hiatus due to various personal reasons (college/time constraints/etc.). Eventually this project will also come back together with the right people and an opportunity; everything in it’s own time.

Bassist for Musical Theater Productions

Styles – Well, that’s a bit self explanatory on this one, isn’t it.

This is something I didn’t realize I would grow to enjoy as much as I do. Past shows include; Hello Dolly, Big Fish, Little Shop of Horrors, Avenue Q, Rent, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Sister Act, Merrily We Roll Along, Back To Broadway, and many more.


Clinic Performance:

Styles – music education

This is self explanatory…I do clinics on topics that relate to bass playing. The clinics are held at music stores or at bass events. A clinic is something like a master class or a workshop where the attendees get a focused 90 to 120 minutes of bass instruction.

Hired Gun

Style – So. Many. Styles.

So, this is the catch-all category for the gigs that defy categorization in some ways; studio time, an orchestral production that does one performance for a holiday event, choral gigs, etc. In the two video clips – this first is clearly a holiday event at a local church that needed a bassist for the orchestra. The reason behind the second clip may not be so obvious; the band Trasna needed a bassist to finish out their contracts for booked gigs before retiring the band. Hence, the “hired gun” category. It’s a VERY temporary gig that you may get called for again for more work…or not based on the circumstance. Obviously whenever I work for pay, I’m something of a “hired gun”, but when you know the gig is very transitory, the name applies even more aptly.

I realize this blog isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, BUT there are some folks that this may be a useful resource for. Either way, thanks for making it to the end!

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