Gizmotron informal Q&A, live performance clip of “Soul Amputation”

Hey gang…just released a new video. This one happens backstage, pre-show, at Orion Studios, where I’m answering some questions about the Gizmotron unit on my Spector Legend NT.

Jefferson Ogata happened to be there…camera in hand…and got this footage of the conversation. The conversation is followed by some live performance clips from “Soul Amputation”. This video has some good close-up shots of the Gizmotron and how it works.

The Gizmotron was great for channeling a “Morphine”-eque vibe in this song. (Anybody remember that band? I sure do.)

This video was specifically done as a demo/tutorial video featuring the Gizmotron. Stay tuned…I’m working on a full-length video of this same song. And a more reflective post about the title/source material for the song.

The first part of the video might be hard to understand; the conversation was happening in a backstage area that’s part of a very active rehearsal studio. Consider enabling the subtitle option in YouTube to more easily follow the conversation. Go to the gear symbol and turn on the subtitles in the drop-down menu.

Many thanks to Jefferson Ogata for his video work. MANY thanks to Chris Baker for the opportunity to perform at Orion. Many thanks to the wonderful staff at Orion Studios for making us feel welcome and comfortable. Many thanks to the guys from The Mercury Tree for the opportunity to perform (not to mention letting me abscond with the microtonal Warwick bass briefly to explore the sound of it after their show). And many thanks to Chris Welborn and Teshaleh for the use of their practice space while we were in town. And also to Chris Welborn – thanks for being a supportive friend and bandmate.

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