Update for the second full week of August 2019

So…two major changes in the past week.

Last Wednesday was my first day at my new Wednesday studio home, The Sound Post. It’s a really well thought-out space, with a lot of attention to how detail, colors, and design work together. Making it feel like a warm, welcoming sweater in a fall chill. Thanks to Bill Mason and Elaine Smith-Mason for the gracious offer to check out teaching here.

And item 2…that “other” news I’ve been hinting at? Well, it looks like I’m on track to be an Adjunct Bass Instructor in the Music Department at The University of Mary Washington this fall…

More updates when I can! It’s a very busy time right now with a LOT of changes to navigate! I know I have some great video footage from the show in Nashville to edit. That’s where LA session drummer Robert Harsen joined the Ginger Bass Mafia on our set and just crushed it. I’m looking forward to releasing that footage into the interwebs. So while I’m navigating all these changes, the blogging schedule might be a little off. I’ve been releasing new content on Mondays, which has been off schedule since the last week of July.

So…stay tuned while I get adjusted to the new normal around here!

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