2019; It’s a Wrap!

2019. The ending was a bit bumpy, with grandmom’s passing. There were some hard days with a lot of tears this fall. But when you look at the whole year…wow. Just, wow.

We opened for Soften the Glare with a new bass-centric project. We pulled content from my solo show, and flushed it out for a band. And then I had the time/space/platform to get some new material written and performed. The Ginger Bass Mafia was born.

I started teaching bass at University of Mary Washington as a faculty member. Never saw that coming.

I was featured in an ad in Bass Player and Music Trades. Which, I am so glad grandmom got to see that. She would be in hospice a few months after that came out.

Became the owner of a 7 string bass (thank you, and you both know who you are). Rebuilt a 12 string bass (thank you again to another person who donated the body), overhauled a Warwick rig to have a Steampunk vibe. Got a student hooked on modding. *insert evil laugh*

Saw Forte close, and began teaching at The Sound Post.

Rock For Strings was immersed in studying the music of Queen, and I did more than a few arrangements for that group. We did another Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon show. And in a few days we have our holiday party. Alumni and current members are attending. A student told me that this group is different than other performance groups he’s been in; this one feels like family. Before today, I have never walked into a restaurant and made a reservation for 30 people before, with more RSVPs still possible. I have grown, albeit reluctantly at first, to agree with his assessment.

Adopted two awesome cats. Didn’t see that coming. And appreciated the two who were already with me, who help make my house a home.

I was accepted to be an artist/vendor at the Richmond Folk Festival. When I filled that form out, I was not expecting a damn thing. And then…I made the cut. And I found myself welcomed into a community of RVA artists/crafters at that event. That whole experience was a wild journey into something very new…definitely a step outside my comfort zone. And it was great.

I got smarter, better, and more confident with fixing things. The van and the truck taught me a lot. And I’m still learning. Always learning.

Made new friends. Played some incredible shows at great venues with great people….Fun Home/UMW Theater, Union Stage, Pearl Street, The Philly Bass Expo, The Tin Pan, The Glass City Low Down, Thunder Row, Orion Studios…the list goes on. And man, that really helped restore my faith in people…which had taken some serious dents by the end of 2018. Saw great shows with friends, played by friends. Enjoyed re-connecting with family when my grandmother passed.

There were some bumps and tears, and a lot of stress at times. But overall…yeah, thank you universe. I’m a pretty lucky girl. Thank you to friends who made the journey with me. You know who you are.

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