Smuggler’s Run Video

I took a day off from Winter NAMM and headed across the street to Disneyland on a side quest. I went with a friend to Galaxy’s Edge. This was actually my first trip to any Disney park in my life.

This is video from the first time I rode Smuggler’s Run. There are 6 people on the “flight crew” on each ride; two pilots, two gunners, and two engineers. The left pilot steers the ship left and right. The right pilot steers up and down and makes the jump to light speed. The engineers “repair” the ship in flight during the mission. And the gunners..that’s pretty much self-explanatory. I was an engineer, which was all reaction time involving my left hand…so I was able to shoot a video of the ride as it happened with my right hand. I got on with a great family who let their young kids pilot the ship.

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