NAMM 2020 – part 1 – highlights, videos and more!

I’ve been back from Winter NAMM for two weeks now, and I’m still editing videos of guitar and bass porn from the NAMM show. There is so much media, I’ll be doing several videos that will work like short features; the video will focus on a booth or event of interest.

Two videos were released recently on my YouTube channel. The first was from the Framus and Warwick booth. The second video featured two special boutique showcases at NAMM; the Red Collection and the Boutique Guitar Showcase. It is worth noting that Framus had a gorgeous Sadowsky display in their NAMM booth, showcasing their newly formed partnership with the brand.

And of course, if you missed it, there was a “side quest” to check out Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland…

I’ve still got more videos to edit from this event…from both the NAMM show floor and Galaxy’s Edge. Stay tuned…and you can always subscribe to my YouTube channel for notifications.

In the meantime…here were my takeways from the NAMM show. Products, highlights, magic moments…anything that made my personal “highlights” reel from the show, if you will …

Devon Basses

Just….wowza. Follow the link for more on Devon basses. It’s worth a look just to admire the workmanship.

NS Design – CR6 Radius Bass Prototypes!

All you guys get are pics for now…but it does prove that the unicorn exists! They play and feel great. If you love the Radius and have been waiting patiently for the 6 string version, this will not disappoint. I already own a Radius CR5, and I’m very pleased with it. A six string will make it feel completely “like home”….for me anyway. The link will take you to the Radius bass page.

Yamaha – Third Generation Silent Bass

I did some pizzicato on this thing, and yeah…it was awesome. But when I bowed this thing…that’s when my jaw dropped…along with those of a few nearby listeners. The modeling tech Yamaha put in this thing is phenominal. I have a video clip of my friend Charley Sabatino demoing the bass for me. But since it was a bit noisy in the hall when I got to hear it, I’m going to link some other reference videos. And yeah, it did win best in show at NAMM.

GHS Strings – now manufacturing Innovation strings

This isn’t exactly NEW news, but it’s definitely worth giving it a signal boost. In March of 2019, GHS brought Innovation double bass strings over to the states and are now maufacturing them. Here’s a video clip by Bass Musician Magazine where my artist rep at GHS, Jonathan Moody, talks about Innovation joining the GHS lineup.

I’ve got more content to edit and product highlights to talk about from the show, so stay tuned for part 2 of my NAMM blog. Thanks for being here, and I’ll have more for you shortly!

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