New Video with the Folk Metal Band Teshaleh!

Like many musicians, my Ginger Bass Mafia brother Chris Welborn is involved in a range of musical projects…as well as he should be. He’s been a stage hand at many major venues around DC, MD and VA, working with major touring acts from all over the world. He’s been on tour with the melodic progressive rock group Brave, and performed with many major NoVa metal and prog groups such as Chopper Trike Rebels, Division, and Service of Shadows. Enter this more recent project; his folk metal band, Teshaleh. The band recently played a show close to DC, and I was lucky to have a night free so I could catch their show.

Folk metal is a fusion of heavy metal with traditional folk music, so the instrumentation will involve folk instruments and/or traditional vocal stylings. The very cool part here is folk metal will vary widely from country to country, based on that people’s folk traditions. Mongolian folk metal is probably the most “mainstream” (ie well known) version of folk metal these days.

Teshaleh blends medieval pipes, keytar, keyboards, drums, bass, traditional percussion, and multi-part vocals.

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