4/5/2020 – COVID – 19 journal

I haven’t ventured out in the car since 3/13. It is now something of an enjoyable game to see how long I can go before I need to go out and resupply. That could still be awhile; the cats still have at least 12 days worth of canned food, and I still have plenty of supplies for myself. I had slowly prepped the #ladybassbunker over time in case something did happen…but I was thinking hurricanes or somesuch. It is nice to see those plans do work now that they are in practice. #introvertgoals


Got out in the garden today to get some sun; I’m hoping I can unfuck my sleep schedule. Burnt two piles of brush in the fire pit, and rototilled the back garden. This was my largest plot yet for the lower garden.


Planted the starts in the lower garden. I was rewarded with a rainstorm after they went in. The starts were looking for room to stretch out and get bigger. Roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, “heritage” cherry tomatoes, and sweet peppers were planted today. I had seeded produce used in cooking to grow all these starts back in February; the only cost to grow them was the potting soil.


Tomorrow I add the green beans and more snow peas.


I made a few potato bins. Add a layer of soil, drop the potatoes in, and add soil as they grow foliage. Dump the bins when the foliage dies back in midsummer and pick out your potatoes. Easy.

I’m sure my neighbors think I’m now going to hold my own Burning Man event. I erected the largest cane tepee I’ve ever done. Someone had cut and dumped bamboo canes from a nearby bamboo grove. I found the dumped pieces of cane down a birm while I was out on a walk, so I bundled it up and brought it home. I’m going to grow snow peas and asparagus beans up this structure. Since asparagus beans can be 2-3 feet long, I figured the height would be welcome. The seeds are already in.


I cut wisteria vines (they were spreading around the property anyway) and wove the fresh cut vines between the legs of the tepee to make a biodegradable structure that was also somewhat sturdy. This will also give the vines of the plants more supports.


I got the new bass out tonight. I had purchased it for my birthday, had a few good days to enjoy it when I could…and then everything went to hell. It was nice to go outside, unplugged, and just play.


I usually have a busy week or three getting the garden started, and then there’s a transition back to playing music more. The rewards of the fresh food in midsummer are worth it, to me anyway.


Tired. Good productive day though. No mental fog from too much screen time or being sedentary.


It’s the end of the day. I once again say my new daily mantra; “I got through today. Now just do it again tomorrow.”


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