Ben Titus Performing at the GHS Booth at Winter NAMM

I’m increasing the output of content on my YouTube right now. So this is a great time to swing by for videos from myself or other artists I enjoy. Recent content includes John Ferrara, Soften The Glare, Daniel Champagne, and myself. Today’s video – Ben Titus performing at the GHS Booth at Winter NAMM. Thanks to Jonathan Moody for the opportunity. GHS is awesome!

Just like Ben, I am an endorsing artist of GHS strings. I use the Progressives on my basses. Apologies to Pete Skjold…folks may notice that the beautiful spalt top Skjold 6 string bass of his isn’t in the video. Ben borrowed my Spector to make it happen…as this performance spot was an “on the spot” opportunity. Ben’s bass was back in WI because he (wisely) didn’t want to fly with it. Ben got a spare set of GHS Progressive strings on the Spector to get it into the right tuning to cover his repertoire..and here we are.

Video shot by Chris Welborn. Video editing by Brittany Frompovich.

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