The Warehouse House Concert with Mike Dimin

What an epic night at the Warehouse! Great music, great food, a campfire, great drinks, cigars, wonderful new friends, bass geekery for those who enjoy that, lovely woods, perfect weather, s’mores….pure magic! Live music by myself, Michael Dimin, and Black Powder Blues, a firepit, beers, wine and cigars.

Setting up the DIY stage…I made this a few years earlier. The top platforms lock into the framework below, and stabilizing pieces lock into the framework. The stage is very stable.

We loaded in the stage to elevate it from this floor setup.

Which then permitted much better views…

Sometime after the show, our performance there was added to their “wall of fame”.

A huge THANK YOU to Michael Dimin for such a great weekend of music. Thank you to all who came out to support the shows and clinic. Thank you to Neil Mullanaphy, Lenora Mullanaphy (owners of the Warehouse) and Forte Music Studios for hosting all the events. (Forte Music hosted the “Whose Box Is This Anyway?” clinic). Thank you to Billy Wooten for being our videographer and photographer for the events at Forte Music. Many thanks to Hannah for taking the pictures at the Warehouse concert (last name omitted as she is a minor).

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