Moving forward with the Steampunk Headless

I took a needed break from the all the screen time, Skype lessons, and the news. I fired up my soldering gun and wrapped up work on the Steampunk headless. I’ve got some tweaking to do, but it’s up and running. And I opted for the chicken head knobs. However, the other knob set found a happy home on the NS Radius CR5.

Shout out to my dad…this Steampunk headless was missing a lot of parts from the bridge. I sent him some of the remaining parts as guides to work from, and he machined beautiful brass replacement saddles and a set of tuners for this instrument. Without his help, this instrument would have cost a lot more to fix.

Also I need to give a shout out to Nordstrand Pickups. Those Power Blades are winners every time. I prefer the Clean and Clear windings…one day I’ll have to try the Warm and Wooly just to mix it up.

A last shout out to my student Kaelin Noelle; she is learning about electronics AND how to play bass. She started soldering the wiring harness together for the Steampunk headless from a diagram I drew for her. However, due to COVID she wasn’t able to complete this instrument in person. Happy to say she did a great job; it came to life after I finished up the final touches (adding the pickups and connecting the bridge wire). Videos coming soon.

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