Positive Energy Drink

Working on getting a possible “stand up desk” style Skype setup going today. I found this can while cleaning.

When I first saw this at AC Moore, it made made me laugh on a particularly rough first day of the RVA Folk Fest. I was nervous, running later than I would have liked, and feeling like the new kid heading to recess in the schoolyard. This reminded me to lighten up; it would be ok.

The can became something of a small shrine hidden within Lady Bass Gear Booth display at the Richmond Folk Festival last fall. People would find it while looking over the merch and suddenly start laughing. I didn’t have my first sale until I unpacked Bob from his bag and made that small shrine in my display.

I found it again today while working in my office. Maybe it will make you chuckle too. #positiveenergydrink

If you are wondering, Bob tastes like Blue Raspberry. #ofcoursehewould

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