More moments from Glass City…Walnut and Blue have a duet

Proud mama bear amateur bass builder moment (who knew that could be a phrase)….

Some of the folks playing The Glass City Low Down requested that my fretless 4 walnut bass make the trip out. So it came along and was passed around; some nice feedback was offered. Among those checking it out was Pete Skjold. He definitely knows a thing or two about building a bass. 😉.

Which is why I was honored, humbled and just floored when Pete asked if he could play my fretless during the Glass City show. He just liked it. I had him come up and do a duet with me; an all bass version of “Angel From Montgomery”. Pete settled in….no cheater lines on that board…and he sounded great.

That was an awesome moment to have in a life. FB Memories showed me where the Walnut was a year ago today…so I included that throwback pic in this post. I had just bolted the neck on.

The fundraiser for Lucas County was a great success….

Hanging with Pete Skjold, Steven Guerrero and Jonathan Moody.

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