Performing at Thunder Row in Nashville, TN

Many thanks to Darren Michaels, an amazing friend, human and musician, for getting these photos from Saturday night’s Thunder Row Bass Invitational.

That’s Quintin Berry; Spector represented at Thunder Row for sure! Always mindblowing seeing Quintin work, and quite honored that he gets some inspiration and ideas from watching me work. The Spectors came out for some bass porn….

I love the burst finish on his, but I am really admire that sweet 12th fret Spector inlay on Quintin’s bass. Damn, that’s just sharp.

Darren was simply awesome on his set. Same result there; I just want to go home and work on my game after I see him play. He’s always so infectiously HAPPY when he plays. Good space to be in. Thanks for that.

Thanks to Pete Skjold for coming out and joining me on an impromptu duo cover of “Don’t Think Twice” and making music on Walnut. It was a good NAMM for him and he was definitely going the extra mile for a second Thunder Row appearance with me.

Pete builds amazing basses, and he could literally play anything he wants. Honored and humbled he’s taken a shine to my Walnut fretless. They make good music together.

I’m still amazed how many folks try Walnut out and ask “Is it for sale?” “Are you a builder?” Nope, Walnut isn’t for sale. Too much of my heart went into building that bass.

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