Sith Happens

So, Kerry Lathon of Lathon Bass Wear came out with this bangin’ Bass Jedi shirt late 2019, early 2020. I decided to wear it on a trip to Galaxy’s Edge. Photo credit to Lee Britt for catching this pic in Galaxy’s Edge.

During the Winter NAMM show, a few folks (along with myself) asked when (or if) we could see a Bass Sith T shirt at some point. After all…balance in the force…right?

Fast forward to July 6th, 2020, and I’m doing a T-shirt post for Suburban Behemoth on Facebook. This shirt had arrived and I wanted to get Paul a great pic that he could use for his marketing.

iPad Pro 11 in portrait mode for the win on that pic. So the social media conversation began on my page after the post was made…..

A few days later, I’m in the middle of a socially distanced gig at the beach. I get tagged in a Facebook post AND my cellphone gets a few texts. My hands are full playing for a crowd for the first time in months, so I don’t answer immediately. I finally got to the notifications later that night. When I see this pic….I’m just blown away.

This was followed by a text, “I am a man of my word, but this will be a limited edition, limited-time item.”

So, a few days after that, I’m prepping up for the next potential lockdown. I’m out grabbing items to make a potential extended “stay at home” situation more comfortable, and ANOTHER text comes in. With this picture;

Hells YES! And again, it’s only available for a limited time (maybe another two or three days after the date of this publication, at most).

Head to to see the full collection!

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