Introducing…the limited edition NS Design CR6 Radius bass

Today’s offering of bass porn. What can I say? I like my subjects to have a natural look…

Enter the limited edition NS Design CR6 Radius Bass. It is badddddddasssssssssss.

With a 34” scale length, 17 mm spacing…I picked this bass up and I pretty much felt at home immediately. It’s got a powerful, clear tone….beautiful harmonics…effortless tapping. Very comfortable to hold and to play. I’m very excited to explore the potential of this new addition to the Radius family. Tonally, it sits between my Spector Euro6LX’s growly tone, and the clarity of my Prat 7 string (which is sporting custom Nordstrand pickups).

When it arrived, I pulled it out of the shipping box. I was concerned as it was a wet day with flood watches around my area. The box had gotten wet, so the delivery service was forced to flip the box upside down as the cardboard was starting to open. This caused the bass to be shipped, for at least part of the trip, headstock down. Despite the adverse conditions, the Radius CR6 was perfectly in tune when I unpacked it. Expectations exceeded.”

Here’s the controls on this beast…lots and lots of options between the piezo pickup and the two EMG pickups (uniquely designed specifically for the Radius bass)…

I took it out to do some “glamour shots”, as I also had a new (to me) lens for my Canon EOS 50D to test out. Decided I’d take my camera and the CR6 out for some time away from the office.

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