Hello Bandcamp!

I’m finally on Bandcamp! I know it took a bit…like a pandemic…for me to finally get the time to set this up. I don’t mean to make light of the pandemic…people are dying, people are getting sick and not getting well…but in this particular case, this little bit of good has come out of this. No gigs = time to work on my own stuff.
So if you are already on there, and the spirit moves you, hit that subscribe button! I’m looking forward to adding more content to the site. I kicked off my offerings with a re-release of the 2018 band version of Ain’t No Sunshine, with Mark Leigh and Bart Balderson. Recording engineers were JB Hope and myself. Mixed by JB Hope and Brittany Frompovich. I used my Spector Euro6LX for this recording, with a Warwick LWA1000 and the Hellborg Hi Cab. Strings were GHS Progressives.

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