Vengeance is the sound of a table saw…

I’ve never done this before. But I picked this stump from the fallen tree to see if I can make a bass from the bones.

Hope I picked a good one. The maple tree that clobbered the van was diagnosed with ambrosia.

I figure if a quartersawn slab doesn’t work out from the stump, a resin river-style pour with live edges might be another answer. The following video illustrates exactly what I’m thinking.

This is the end of the broken piece (the jagged end) that was left behind after we cut my piece.  Look at the ambrosia patterns…

Either way, I’m not letting this guy off the hook without hearing what these bones sound like. 

There’s a 4-foot wide trunk slab in my garage for a tabletop that I’ve dried for about 2-3 years. It’s now ready to be finished into something.  That top slab was apparently practice for the end game. But I will hear these bones sing the song of their people. After I hear a saw sing the song of its people.

Vengeance is a game of patience.


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