MOD Dwarf – Walkthrough and First Impressions

So, I know folks have been following the sucktastic turn of events in my world since 7/14/2021. The story of the aftermath is still being written…we’ll save that for another post.  I got my MOD Dwarf in the meantime, and thankfully a few students have been curious enough to explore it with me. Otherwise, I’m just running loops from my RC300 through it as a signal source while I learn the unit.
Anyway, while I take a backseat as my left wrist heals up, I’m pleased to throw the spotlight on a bestie, Ben Titus.  He’s the whole reason (ie enabler) as to why I have a MOD Dwarf anyway.  He just did this great first impressions blog/video of the unit. If you’ve been curious about it, I’d encourage you to check it out.



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