The “Strong Woman” Archetype

I love how women bring their kids to me, some of them with the whole “I love that they are learning from a strong female,” mindset.




Then do me a favor as your kid’s teacher; don’t pawn off music-related tasks on your husband to do, with a standoffish vibe of “I’m not capable.” You are.


But worse, it really creates a conflicting message.


It’s like trying to diet…you eat health food and then junk food; the body is confused. There’s no clear directive.


I put a trailer hitch on my van this weekend for the first time. Every time I teach myself how to do something on my car, it’s uncomfortable, it’s sometimes nerve-wracking, and it’s a learning process. Sometimes really scary means fully knowing you’ve got a 45-pound piece of metal poised over your head and chest, and the car is up on jack stands. And yeah, you gotta go under there…and you haven’t done any spelunking in 20 years…so it’s really not as comfy as I’d like.


But I am learning. Getting out of your comfort zone is how you do it. I’d also like to be able to tow a trailer, a jet ski, or have a rear bike rack. The only way to get to what I want is to go through. Even when I’m sweating bullets. So I get the impact wrench and go under the car. Because that’s how I get to the goal.


If you want to reinforce the “strong women” archetype, that includes mom too. Get in there and get involved, and stop “excluding” yourself. It’s not helping create the change you want to see in the world. You can learn, you can contribute…you are just as important to this process, if not more so, than I am, when it comes to being a role model.


This isn’t directed at any one person; it’s just an observation from various circumstances over time. #bethechangeyouwanttosee

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