Wonder Women: Stories From the Women Who Play Bass – Dec 2021 – Holly Montgomery

“Confrontation is always tough, but for others to take you seriously, you need to take yourself seriously.”

Holly Montgomery is currently signed to Blue Elan Records in Los Angeles, with her west coast band, Mustangs Of The West. She has been active in the DC Music Scene since 2011 after moving to the east coast from Los Angeles. Her current band is with Nashville guitarist, Buddy Speir, and Washington, D.C. drummer, Andy Hamburger. She won first place in the Rock Category of the 2017 UK Songwriting Contest, as well as the Gold 1st Place Award in the Rock Category of the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest. While still in L.A., her band, Big Planet, was awarded Best Acoustic Band by the National Academy of Songwriters. She played with folk legend Dan Bern, with the all-girl modern country band The Mustangs, and with John Ford Coley and she recorded with Ice Cube. Holly opened for the Oscar-winning duo The Swell Season with folk singer Mark Dignam, and for Foreigner with Billy White Acre. Holly is the lead singer and plays bass, acoustic guitar, and piano on her albums.


She has released five studio albums and is currently working on number six. Her 2011 album Uncanny Valley was recorded with guitarist Randall Hall of Lynyrd Skynyrd fame, drummer and rock legend Aynsley Dunbar of Journey, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, and Jefferson Starship, Paul Bell, formerly of the Nighthawks, and well-known DC drummer Andy Hamburger.


Holly released her fifth studio album, Leaving Eden in May 2016, which featured many local legends including Buddy Speir, Dan Hovey, Mike Ault, and Andy Hamburger. Leaving Eden is getting airplay on several European stations, and was featured in the Huffington Post. She is currently working on recording her sixth album Sorry For Nothing, with an expected 2021 release date.


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