Wonder Women: Stories From the Women Who Play Bass – Feb 2022 – Brittany Frompovich

“Whatever your particular dream is, at some point you’ll have to dig in your heels and fight for it.”
For this month’s installment of Wonder Women; Stories from the Women Who Play Bass, Ariane Cap turns the tables on Brittany Frompovich, and interviews her for her own column.


Her friend and bandleader, Ashleigh Chevalier, recently shared this of Brittany: “Beyond being a classically trained double bassist and diverse electric bassist, Brittany shares her professional performance prowess, modding and repair interests, and her business experience with her students. This empowers their eternal journey in music, both on the stage and off, both for the love of it and the practice of it. She goes out of her way to uplift other musicians as well, by welcoming them into her fold, interviewing them, and sharing their work. She has persevered through physical injury to her left hand this past year, demonstrating steadfast courage and bravery, and a willingness to never give up in the face of adversity and challenge.”



See the rest of the interview over at No Treble right here.

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