Wonder Women: Stories From The Women Who Play Bass – Jacqueline Pickett & Susan Hagen – pt 1 of 2

We’re kicking off a special two-part interview series with two Wonder Women of the Bass, Jacqueline Pickett (this month’s feature) and Susan Hagen (more on her next month!). We cover a lot of ground in these two interviews. Both women will talk about their backstories, their music, and the League of Women Bass Players’ upcoming inaugural conference from June 2nd – 5th 2022 (head to lowbinternational.org for more info or to register) and what the attendees could expect from that event.

The LOW B conference is open to both electric bassists and double bassists. The logo for the conference is a fusion of double bass and electric bass; a symbol of the diversity of players this conference hopes to serve.



To see the entire interview with Jackie and Susan, click here to head to No Treble.



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