2023 Wammie Award Nomination for “Wonder Women: Stories From the Women Who Play Bass”

I was recently nominated for a DC Wammie Award for my work on No Treble’s “Wonder Women; Stories From the Women Who Play Bass” series. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here. My interview with Angeline Saris (bassist for Zepperalla and the recent “Celebrating David Bowie” tour) is currently the cover feature on the site. You can check out the archive of all my interviews and features here.

The Wonder Women series grew out of the desire to tell the stories of female bassists, not only to give them exposure but more importantly to weave their stories into the narrative of the bass community, in the way that many bassists come to know the lore and the stories of players like Jaco Pastorius or Larry Graham. Once I’ve chatted with these women, their stories become part of the No Treble archive…searchable…forever. It’s been a fascinating journey to be on, for both myself, my editor, and the various musicians around me (the majority of whom are male)… it’s been pretty educational and inspiring for all involved!

I’m writing a FINAL CALL for your Wammie Award votes! TUESDAY 1/31/2023 is the final day to vote me into the next round of the finals.

According to their emails, the Wammies have received a record-breaking 14,000 votes for the 2023 awards. Since they have opened it up to allow votes from ANYWHERE, I’m not surprised. So bass fam, former and current student fam, Ashleigh Chevalier band fam…all the fams I am connected to…if you feel so inspired, head over to…


…and log in (or create an account).

Then click on “Judge”, and I’m apparently on page 11 of the nominations (I just checked). Then click on “vote” under my name. That’s it.

You can also search by category…try “Do Good” award or my first name (just make sure you spell it like the country, not the pop star).

While you are there, check out local artists Jon Tyler Wiley and His Virginia Choir for Best Country/Americana Artist-Group and Best Rock Artist-Group (search Jon and you’ll find his nominations). Lin Shay’s band, 3 Exits to Memphis, has also been nominated for multiple categories…Best Country/Americana Song, Best Country/Americana Artist-Group, and Best Country/Americana Album…look for multiple entries to vote on by searching “Memphis”.

I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with both Jon and Lin, as they have both performed with the Ashleigh Chevalier Band. Good folks right there…give ’em a vote!

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