Wonder Women; Stories From the Women Who Play Bass – August 2022 -Tunu Jumwa

“Your worth as a human being isn’t contingent on your musical capabilities.” – Tunu Jumwa

Tunu Jumwa is a bass player and music educator based in Nairobi, Kenya. She has been playing bass for the past five years and has performed alongside many household names in the emerging jazz and Afro-fusion scene in the country. Before starting bass, Tunu dabbled in acoustic and classical guitar in her teens, performing in recitals and competitive festivals where she nurtured her passion for improvisation. Her transition to bass was later inspired by musical greats like the Brazilian prodigy Michael Pipoquinha and world-renowned bassist Victor Wooten, whose annual Wooten Bass Camp she was delighted to attend in the summer of 2016. Tunu holds a Bachelor’s in Music and an Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Development Education. Being an avid music learner, she has attained a Certificate of Merit in Improvisation from the Berklee College of Music and engaged in various masterclasses with favorite players like Robson Albuquerque and Michael Pipoquinha. Tunu currently plays the Princess Contrabass, a custom-made piece designed by the Spanish bass enthusiast and friend Javier Janaid. She views her bass as more than an instrument; it is a medium that captures her inner world, conveying the rich tapestry of emotions, passions, and lasting inspirations that have shaped her experiences.

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