Redemption…the new single from Ember’s LoFi Grooves…is available now!

I’ve got a new single that dropped today… Friday 7/14 …two years since the distal radius fracture that resulted in my CRPS. When the cast came off, my left hand fingers did not move anymore.

It’s been a journey back.

Still, so many good things came out of that bad situation; my van got rebuilt by a community that rallied around me, I had some major life shifts, and an opportunity was offered to work with a friend and mentor in one of my first loves, music production.

Folks tend to know me as a teacher and bassist, but I also studied music production in college…just haven’t used that knowledge as much as I’ve wanted to.

One of my first projects was writing lofi for library placement, but some of the tracks showed up with more of my own take on lofi…cinematic, meditative, and ambiant. It was suggested to me to release these under a different artist name, since they weren’t a perfect fit but they were still good enough they should be shared. And here we are.

Redemption is out today…intentionally…the 2 year anniversary of my “broken arm/windstorm/tree on the house and car” day. I hope you’ll check it out. Search for Ember’s LoFi Grooves. I’ll still be putting out solo bass and “cinematic” content under my own name.

Looking forward…two years later…I’m happy to say I just read through a script for the first episode of a book that’s being made into a TV style series. I’ve got work to do…but we’ll see where my journey goes from here.

In the worst moments of your life, there’s still a space for good things to come from it.

As far as my arm itself; I played my first double bass gig since the arm break this year. Kayaking is finally back on my list of activities. The flexibility in my wrist is still limited but slowly, it is increasing. Some days I wake up and it still greets me, burning away. But most days, the pain and swelling is staying in a reasonable lane.

I still go to a chiropractor for adjustments and cold laser every two weeks.

CRPS can mess with a nervous system in multiple ways. One side effect is weight gain…so I’ve been out in the woods everyday, interval training…getting fit. Dropped 22 pounds so far. And I’m off most of my painkillers for the first time in nearly 2 years. No tapes, no wraps, no sleeves to control swelling. I’m slowly re-regulating my nervous system to stand down.

So I don’t really get to say I’ve hit remission, but we’re learning to co-exist.

With that…for a friend who needs to hear this…

“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.” – Confucius

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