“These Walls” – Thunder Row duet with Ben Titus

Heya gang, seems like it’s going to be a pretty prolific week for video clips. I assure you, this was not planned, so enjoy the burst of videos while I can supply them. 🙂

I have a copy of a clip from my performance with Ben Titus at Roy Vogt’s 7th Annual Thunder Row event in Nashville this year. Vuyani Wakaba shot this video clip and thankfully, shared it with the interwebs. Which is how we’re seeing it now. Thank you Vuyani. 🙂

So, Ben approached me to sing with him, and I was quite honored he asked. After taking one listen to the original, I was pretty in love with his idea. Ben was working up a solo bass arrangement….and I really just was quite smitten with his playing on this tune.

At the time, the idea of dealing with or “coming up against various walls in life” was resonating as a theme in both of our lives. We also used to perform in younger years as a duo, so it was a great way to revisit those days while putting some fresh ideas out. (If you want to see some of our older footage, just visit my YouTube channel). Add to ALL of that…this was also Ben’s first Thunder Row performance. No pressure, right?

So, there was a lot of emotional and personal investment for both of us in stepping up to perform this gem. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Please feel free to comment with your thoughts and reactions to this.

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