Video Blog for November 2017

Apple generated this movie on my phone today. It works well enough as a blog for the last few weeks. There are a few editing choices that did frustrate me. The program split screened some pictures without giving me an option to have them display otherwise. There were closeups on some of the photos that were…strange, rather than artistic. The app also would not let me import photos from that time period (like still shots of the black bass while it was being modded). And it would not let me turn off the music over some of the video clips where I wanted the sound on the videos. Etc. Etc. If those features were there, they weren’t easy to find on the menu that let me edit the video.

That being said, for all my complaints, it still put a smile on my face. It’s not bad for what it is. So, here’s a quick and dirty video blog, courtesy of my phone. Life was, in a nutshell, 15 shows of LSOH, working on my home studio, teaching, recording, and modding gear and playing more gigs.

Other footage I felt should have been included…but this came from other sources and my phone would never have been able to grab this; a clip from a late-night gig with Ashleigh Chevalier. Tyler Reese on guitar, Toby Fairchild on drums.

And then there’s the Little Shop of Horrors blog with even behind the scenes info.

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