Documentary Update….

Hi folks,

Things have been intentionally pretty quiet on this front (matters regarding the documentary) for awhile, so I appreciate your patience. Given some events in the past six months, I’ve decided to take creative control of this project. Things like that sometimes happen. I plan on giving my former partner for this project credit where credit is due, after all this is his idea. He shot A LOT of footage and put in many hours. I don’t want that contribution to be lost. He’s the reason this concept began. And I am grateful for that, and continue to be.

I began shooting test footage last fall on my own. The music director for “Little Shop of Horrors” watched me working with my camera and taking shots of what we were doing. When I got down the music to perform in the LSOH chartbook, I started exploring how to document the show, from my POV, with my camera. And sometimes multiple cameras. I studied my footage after the shows. The musical director would see some of my pics and footage appear on social media as I was testing myself. Unsolicited, said to me, “You have a penchant for documenting the projects you get involved with.” Her words really helped me take confidence that I was making the right decision.

I know this; I have a lot to learn right now about video and editing, but I feel stimulated by that prospect. I have a penchant for photography anyway, so I feel like this project will expand those visual skills into a different medium.

Thanks for your patience, and I truly appreciate your continued interest. Stay tuned… you wish to see the GoFundMe page for the doc, click here for more info.

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