Spare Harmless/Beneficial Snake Species with a Text

804-617-7086 is the number of the Snake Identification service from Virginia Wildlife Management. I shared this resource some time ago in a Facebook post, and then saved the number to my phone. This morning gave me an opportunity to test it out.

A friend posted on social media that he needed help IDing the type of snake he found in his yard. Pics of the snake were included in his post.

I was stunned that still, in 2019, some people were entirely too quick to reply in the comments, “A dead one.” 🤦🏻‍♀️ #smh

I texted the pics to Virginia Wildlife Management, requesting an ID, and they replied within minutes.

If you find a snake that you need to identify, please text pics to 804-617-7086. They will get back to you quickly with an ID for the snake. These screenshots are from the actual conversation I had with VA Wildlife Management.

Remember that some species are beneficial; some species will even kill copperheads once they set up shop in your yard.

And, as you can see, the Virginia Wildlife Management folks will help with situations outside of Virginia.

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