Yes, that IS me…In The Gizmotron ad in Bass Player Magazine…

The August issue of Bass Player Magazine arrived in my mailbox today. Page 33…full page ad.

So much gratitude to Aaron Kipness and Gizmotron for the continued support. The last few months have been “full steam ahead” for on a variety of gigs and projects. There are a lot of people who have stepped up and lent support right now so I can accomplish everything that needs to be done. I am really grateful. Aaron has definitely been one of the good folks in my corner. Might I add, I’m well aware Aaron has other artists on his roster he could have chosen to do this advertising campaign with. So I do mean it when I say that am very honored and deeply grateful for the support. #onwardandupward #somanyfeels

I’ll be at Summer NAMM at Booth 1133; swing by for a Gizmotron demo from either myself or Aaron.

If you can’t wait that long, there’s a new video up on my YouTube channel where a fellow (who remembered the 70’s version of the Gizmo) asks me questions about the new version. And then there are some nice performance clips from a show where you can see the Gizmo in action; thanks to Jefferson Ogata for capturing all of that. See the Ladybassmusic channel on YouTube if you want to investigate.

I’m also told the same ad is running in the July issue of the Music Trades.

Photo by Becca Griffitts of Lily and Sparrow Images.

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