It’s been a year since I found the sound of a diesel truck coming for one’s soul…

It’s been a year since I first mounted a Gizmotron on one of my basses. It happened on Thanksgiving weekend of 2018. Aaron Kipness had sent the unit, and I was taking advantage of the long holiday weekend to get it running. I wanted to try it on the Lightwave bass because the optical pickups didn’t permit an eBow to be used on it.

I mentioned to Aaron via messenger that I was putting the Gizmotron on a bass with a piezo in the bridge. I sent him a video clip, and he noticed the wheels weren’t aligned yet; there was a rattling and some other noises that normally don’t happen with a dialed in Gizmotron. First day trying it out and all.

I didn’t know the difference, and my mind was heading in a different direction. I replied, “All that noise could be spectacular with a distortion pedal.”

He replied “If you can make something out of that, that would be impressive.”

My answer was sent via text, a simple, #challengeaccepted

Two distortion pedals were hooked up and this video dropped to the inter-webs 15 minutes later.

File this under mistakes that are satisfying.

Gear on and off the screen; Lightwave Saber VL5 fretless, Gizmotron 2.0, Carl Martin Bass Overdrive, EHX Bass Soul Food with JHS Bread and Butter Mod (engaged for this video), GHS strings, Warwick LWA1000 head, Warwick 4 10 cabinet.

Thanks for having me on the team Aaron! And of course, big thanks to Christopher Willcox for having me on the Willcox Guitars / Lightwave Basses team as well.

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