is now live!

Saw this great note just pass through my socials from PJ Rubal, so I want to share it here! This looks to be a great site for history on Spector basses, with some nice pics of basses from different time periods in the history of the company.

hello everybody ! is now live! additionally there are new Facebook & Instagram Pages to help promote the site.

THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING! As a careful documenter of Spector history since switching to playing Spector basses in 1987, I will be adding new content each month including : many more instruments from my collection, my memorabilia, stories, photos, & more….

if you have any site suggestions, feel free to *email* me via my website.

after viewing the launch version of my site, you may wonder “WHERE IS YOUR FAMOUS NS-2 #603??” no worries! 603 will be featured very soon.

I have such sights to show you…..for now, be safe & enjoy my little DIY website.


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