Join us next week for NS Design’s CONNECT 2021 event!

I am buttons-popping proud to be part of the NS Design CONNECT 2021 events next week. This is the first time we’ve have to navigate a “virtual” NAMM show, and I’m pleased to be a part of it.

Here’s the schedule of live premiere videos and live roundtable sessions from the NS Design event next week. Please check back frequently as there may be schedule changes and new additions to the schedule.


If you want to catch me at this event, please tune in at these times (again subject to change) “Coffee with Ned” – live roundtables with Ned Steinberger and the NS Design crew. Tuesday 1/12/2021 – 12 PM EST – RADIUS Bass Guitarists Roundtable – Featuring Michael Micucci, Noor Che’ree, Nick Canas, Pepe Hernandez, Brittany Frompovich, Marcos Varela, Lucas Steinberger, and Chance Onody. Tuesday 1/12/2021 – 8 PM EST – Electrified Strings Today – Educators Rountable – Featuring Brittany Frompovich, Scott Laird, Rudolf Haken, Dr. Gregory Walker, Michael Micucci, Bakithi Kumalo, Anna Blanton, Julie Lyonn-Lieberman, and Greg Byers.
Thursday 1/14/2021 – 12 PM EST – Electric Upright Bassists Roundtable – Featuring Brittany Frompovich, Chance Onody, Michael Micucci, Bakithi Kumalo, Zach Rudulph, Derek Menchan, Nick Villalobos
Live Premiere Videos (again subject to change)
1/12/2021 – 1:30 PM EST – Brittany Frompovich – Rundown: CR6 Bass Guitar, featuring “Fly” by Ashleigh Chevalier.

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