It’s time for the DC WAMMIE awards!

So, Ashleigh Chevalier released her new EP, “Live at the Drive-In 2020.” It also happens to be WAMMIE nomination season. The WAMMIES is “a 31-year-old award show recognizing DC area musicians for their artistic works” (as quoted from their FB page). Ms. Ashleigh took 4 nominations total, shortly after the release of her new EP.

I started joking (but not joking at the same time) that one of those awards would look great on her desk. And I’m delighted for the opportunity to play bass on this album and to have been a part of this. But now…a few days after she was nominated…I find myself considering that maybe one of those microphone-shaped awards could look good on my desk too! 🎤 I was nominated for the Educator category. If you feel so moved, head over to and please vote! I’m already quite honored just to get a nomination.

Feel free to screen grab these graphics and share them on social media. Voting is open until 1/31/2021.

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