Wonder Women: Stories From the Women Who Play Bass – June 2022 – Suzy Starlite

There’s more than a few great parts of writing for “Wonder Women: Stories From the Women Who Play Bass”. First off, it’s that Corey Brown has my back. That means a lot. Many thanks to Corey for doing what you do. #rockstar
It’s also interviewing new folks and finding the stories; the uniqueness and the common threads that connect us. And finding new bass sisters.
Welcome Suzy Starlite to No Treble’s Wonder Women feature. This story has a lot of facets; a love story, motorcycles, a mobile recording studio, and of course, her story about becoming a bassist! And some Star Wars references…we discovered a shared mutual love for Star Wars.
Head over to No Treble to see Suzy’s feature.
Check out the video portion of the interview embedded in the article; you can put it on and treat it like a podcast.

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