Wonder Women; Stories From the Women Who Play Bass – July 2022 – Nalani

“Moments… where the audience and performers connect, and the performers uplift the audience… that’s everything to me. That’s what music is for, and that’s how I want to serve my audience.” – Nalani

This month we’re catching up with Nalani, a bassist, vocalist, and entertainer in the Nashville area known for her versatility and showmanship. She has performed with and is mentored by some of the most legendary names in the bass world. Nalani begins her story; “My life has always been centered around creative expression and connection. From a young age, I was immersed in all things creative. It has been my nature to explore every means of expression, with music at the center of my creative vortex. I grew up surrounded by music. At home, in my early years, my Dad sang and played guitar continuously, while my Mom was responsible for exposing me to the power of Live music through amazing festivals, concerts, and events that children would normally be excluded from. I fell in love with music’s universality and ability to bring people together and create Connection. As soon as the Bass became a part of my world, opportunities and experiences started opening up for me. I found mentors and teachers who gave me real-life experiences sitting in with their bands. And in school, there were multiple times when my jazz or orchestra teacher would take me under their wing if I was struggling or feeling discouraged. People were excited to see a young girl playing the bass, and they wanted to share their knowledge with me, turning me on to music, artists, and various opportunities to pursue.”

Read my complete interview with Nalani feature here!

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