Wonder Women: Stories From the Women Who Play Bass – November 2022 – Kristen Pfaff

I recently searched the No Treble archives for a bassist who was listed among Carolina Enriquez’s influences; Kristen Pfaff. For those unfamiliar with Pfaff, she was the bassist with Minneapolis-based Janitor Joe. Pfaff then took a hiatus from Janitor Joe to play with Hole from 1993 to 1994 and was the bassist on Hole’s (ironically titled) Live Through This album. My search in the No Treble archives turned up very little, but in all fairness, No Treble didn’t come online until 2009, and Pfaff passed in 1994. The web was a much smaller place then, accessed through a dial-up connection. Additionally, the grunge world was still processing the death of Kurt Cobain, who passed two months before Pfaff’s death. Vice reporter Hannah Ewens noted the timing of Pfaff’s passing “…it was just a footnote in the shadow of the pop cultural phenomenon that was Kurt Cobain.” So for this edition of Wonder Women, we’re going back to the early ’90s. To the days when Kristen Pfaff lived in Minneapolis. Our story will end with updates on how the Kristen Pfaff story continues to evolve, even in 2022.

Read more at No Treble.com.

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