Wonder Women; Stories From the Women Who Play Bass – Dec 2022 – Angeline Saris – pt 1

“I show up prepared and will always prioritize being solid and supportive over flashy and busy. For me, that translates to locking in with the drummer, laying pocket, staying out of the way, but also knowing when to dig in and deliver a bit of flash to send a song into lift-off.” – Angeline Saris

In this month’s installment of Wonder Women: Stories From the Women Who Play Bass, we’re catching up with Angeline Saris, fresh off a six-week run with the Celebrating David Bowie tour. Following the tour (and while still managing to get in a studio session), she graciously fit in the time for this interview. With an arresting combination of versatility, focus, taste, and chops, Saris is a seasoned professional and compelling performer. Her jazz background shines through in her melodic lines; her rock leanings mean she isn’t afraid to lay down a solid, heavy grove, and her chops allow her to burn when the moment asks for energy. Whatever the song calls for, that is what she honors. Fluent on four and 5-string basses, electric-upright, and a quick read on charts, Saris spends much of her time in the studio when not on the road.

Read more of my interview with Angeline Saris at NoTreble.com

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