I’ve joined the Phil Jones Bass family of artists!

I’ve had some major changes recently in the amplification department; I am honored to say that I’m officially endorsing both Warwick Amplification and Phil Jones Amplification! After some discussion, it was agreed by all parties involved that I could play gear from both companies. I really appreciate this arrangement; I’ve known the guys at Phil Jones for years and I really do like the gear they’ve been putting out, but I also love the sound on my Warwick LWA1000 and my Hellborg Hi Cab.

I’m delighted to acquire the Phil Jones Cub Pro, the C2 Cabinet, and the Nanobass X4. I’ve been largely using them around the teaching tent and in the home studio (I’ve been in music production mode lately versus gigging)…however, I am happy to report that the Cub/C2 combination just sounded amazing at two gigs I played recently. I was astounded that this little head (through the house system and mains, but serving as my personal monitor onstage) kept up with the band and the drums. Stunning!

I’ve been running the Nanobass X4 with my Flashfish Solar Generator; the whole thing packs into a commuter backpack. I love the ability to pair my phone via Bluetooth to the Nano for backing tracks or practice play-along tracks.

I’m looking forward to making demo videos in the future!

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