Lady Bass Music Reaches Round 2 in “Best of the Burg”

The “Best of the Burg” round one results are in. Lady Bass Music made it into the top 5, moving the studio into round 2 of the competition. This was (and still is) a total surprise. I’m stunned. In all the years I’ve lived here and worked here, Lady Bass Music never moved past the nomination round and into the top 5 in the Best of the Burg competition. (To be fair, I’ve only seen my studio start competing over the last few years…I figured it was time to get the name into the ring).

Thank you EVERYONE who voted. I meant it when I said I am STUNNED. ❤️

And if you think the studio is indeed all that, please consider stepping up and voting again, and again, and again. In the final round, you can vote daily (every 24 hours) until April 19th. When you go to the site, click on “Entertainment and Leisure” then select the “Best Music School/Lessons” category. Link is here –

Video with screenshots of the voting process here:

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